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What is

TIL's AI Powered Voice Dashboard provides safety and security for managers, employees and consumers alike.

We're sure everyone has encountered problems when providing services to people in their homes

Mis-communication, accidents, and claims are just some of the things that can go wrong. So Til stores all on-site communication in the cloud using its own special voice recording device and software to convert the audio to text format.

When the AI detects an inappropriate phrase, or a loud voice during a visit behind closed doors, it automatically reports the incident to the operations center, preventing issues from spinning out of control.

The text can also be searched based on the person in charge, the date and time, location, word used etc. This data can then be used as evidence in response to an accident.

By converting the knowledge accumulated by people onsite into a data format, we are able to maximize service performance.


  • 介護施設・訪問介護

    Nursing care facilities and visiting care

  • 出張買取サービス

    Business trip purchase service

  • 訪問駆けつけサービス

    Visiting services

  • リクルーティング・面談

    Recruiting and interviews

  • エステ・マッサージ

    Este and massage

  • 不動産内覧

    Real estate showings

  • 保険外交員

    Insurance agents

  • 病院


RECORiS features

A complete suite of service features

RECORiS has a number of features, all designed to meet your needs

  • Recording and
    storage of audio data

  • Turning voice data to text / accumulating said data

  • Search function

  • Registration / aggregation of
    specific keywords

  • Display data storage time and capacity

  • Account

We will continue to roll out additional features

  • Configure good keywords

  • Configure bad keywords

  • Alerts for specific keywords

  • Download CSV for specific keywords

  • Pause function for recording

  • Report/Analysis

Easy to understand admin screeen

The RECORiS admin screen displays the current number of users and the number of times keywords have been detected.In addition to checking the monthly charge, audio data can be converted to text and played back.Searches can be conducted by user, date and keyword

Easy to control through our apps

RECORiS apps uses speech language recognition technology to extract keywords in places where workers come in direct contact with consumers.The application is designed to maximize safety, as well as business performance.Compatible with iOS and Android.

  • iOS
  • android

Our trackrecord

AquaLine Ltd. Listed on TSE Mothers [Code:6173]

Their services include:
Emergency waterworks visits
Why they chose RECORiS
RECORiS was introduced to improve services and compliance
How it was implemented
Specific pre-registered keywords are flagged in service staff conversations, which are then notified to the call center.
  • Obtaining authorization from the customer
    The customer is always notified of the purpose of the recording, and authorization from them is obtained.
  • Explanation of Services
    Staff conversations are sent to the server through the smartphone app
  • During work
    If no conversation is detected, such as during a work phase, no data is sent to the server
  • A guide to RECORiS audio recording

The flow

  1. STEP1

    Fee simulation

    Enter each number in the "Fee Simulation" at the bottom of this site, confirm the monthly fee, and click the "Member registration" button

  2. STEP2

    Member registration

    Enter your membership information and click the "Submit" button
    When you receive "Member Registration Confirmation Email", click on the URL in the email, enter your ID and password, and log in

  3. STEP3

    Sign up

    Click the "Order" button and enter the number of people on the "Order Page"
    A confirmation email will be sent to your email address

  4. STEP4

    User registration

    Please register as a user in the "User Management" screen.A confirmation email will be sent

  5. STEP5

    Download our app

    Users can download the dedicated smartphone app by clicking on the app store and Google Play Store icons in the email

Frequently Asked Questions

Fee structure

Rates for RECORiS are based on "Usage time" and "Server usage fee"
The "Usage Time" includes use of the AI transcription function. Hourly charges are rounded up by the hour.
"Server usage fee" includes a storage fee for voice and text data as well as a fee to use the management screen.

(Voice Recorder)
Usage time ~100 hours/month ~200 hours/month ~1,000 hours/month ~2,500 hours/month ~5,000 hours/month
Hourly rees ¥50,000 ~¥80,000 ~¥380,000 ~¥900,000 ~¥1,750,000
Usage capacity ~10GB ~100GB ~1TB ~2TB ~3TB
Server usage fee ¥10,000 ~¥80,000 ~¥200,000 ~¥300,000 ~¥360,000

*The minimum fee is 60,000 yen/month. *The rate is subject to change in the future

Example fee

<10 people>

  • Assume three times a day for one person and one hour of customer service
  • Recording 20 minutes of voice per day, per hour (audio data + text)
  • Data usage is assumed to be 15MB per hour

Time per person per month: 1 hour per day (20 minutes x 3 times) × 20 hours running = 20 hours
Data used per person per month: 1 hour per day (20 minutes x 3 times) × 15MB x 20 days running = 300MB

10 hours per month: 20 hours x 10 people = 200 hours
Data used per month for 10 people: 300MB x 10 people = 3GB

200 hours
Hourly rees total: ¥80,000
Server usage fee total:¥10,000*

*¥10,000 up to 10GB

Fee Simluation

  • People
  • Days
  • Hours

"Hourly rees", "Server usage fee", "Monthly charge" are automatically calculated and displayed.

Hourly rees
Server usage fee
Monthly charge (total)


Download our app

Users can download the dedicated smartphone app by clicking on the app store and Google Play Store icons.